Pre Algebra Summer Assignment Lake

2017 Summer Preparation Packets


The Monroe Township School District has created summer assignments to ensure a successful start to the new school year. All elementary, middle school and high school students have assigned readings for Language Arts as well as summer preparations packets for Mathematics.  


In addition, at the high school level, select honors and AP courses in the sciences, social studies, world languages, business and applied arts and careers also have summer assignments.  Please check each content area if your high school child has plans to take an honors or Advanced Placement class in September. 


It is highly recommended that each student complete the designated summer work. Detailed information is available on the district’s website, found at under link Summer Assignments.    



Middle School

High School 

 Purchase your planners (agendas) ahead of time at the PTSA Bookstore website.

Math assignments can be found lower on this page.


AP US History (APUSH)


AP Chemistry


English Language


Human Geography


Rocketry and Aerospace


Spanish Literature and Culture (Pollinger)


AP World History


Dear Parents/Guardians and Students: 

As academic standards become more rigorous, the WHS Math Department would like to provide our students opportunities to be successful in their next math course of study.

It has been our experience that many prerequisite mathematical skills are lost due to the absence of regular practice over the summer. The loss of these pertinent skills may contribute to unnecessary frustration for students as they begin their next level of mathematical study in the new school year. Retaining certain skills as students move from one math course to another is crucial to their academic performance. 

For these reasons, a summer assignment has been prepared for all incoming students.

Due to recent updates at Khan Academy, we have restructured the summer assignments for Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 (Regular and Honors) and Financial Algebra. They are posted below in PDF form.

If you have already completed at least 10% of the assignment on Khan Academy, YOU WILL RECEIVE FULL CREDIT for the assignment. There is no need to complete the updated PDF version if you have completed 10% or more on Khan Academy.

The student will need to complete the summer assignment indicated for the mathematics course(s) they are enrolled in. Teachers will expect that all work is completed and submitted on the first day of school.


AP Statistics


Advanced Topics in Math


Algebra 1 Regular and Honors (REVISED 8/4/2017)


Algebra 2 Regular and Honors (REVISED 8/4/2017)


Analysis of Functions


Calculus AB


Calculus BC


Financial Algebra (REVISED 8/4/2017)


Geometry Regular and Honors (REVISED 8/4/2017)


Liberal Arts Mathematics


Math for College Readiness




Probability and Statistics

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