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The Bibliographical Society and the Library of the University of Virginia are proud to provide free digital access to volumes 1-59 of Studies in Bibliography. After two years of planning and production, SB was launched online in early 1998 by the Society through the Etext Center at the University Library.  SB was the first major print humanities journal to have its entire run of back issues made available without charge on the Web—a revolutionary milestone both in the history of Studies in Bibliography and in the history of scholarly journal publishing itself. Downloadable ebook versions were added in 2003.

Scanned images of vols. 1-59 and downloadable PDF’s are available here:



Guidelines for submission of essays

The editor invites articles and notes on analytical bibliography, textual criticism, manuscript study, the history of printing and publishing, as well as related matters of method and evidence. Submissions consistent with any widely used style sheet are acceptable, although The Chicago Manual of Style is preferred. All copy, including quotations and notes, should be double-spaced. The Society will consider the publication of bibliographical monographs for separate issue. Send manuscripts or electronic files to David Vander Meulen (, University of Virginia, English Department, 219 Bryan Hall, PO Box 400121, Charlottesville, VA  22904-4121.

Searching tip: If you are searching for an exact term, you may get better results by enclosing the term or terms in quotation marks.

  1. Volume 011948-1949HTML · EPUB
  2. Volume 021949-1950HTML · EPUB
  3. Volume 031950-1951HTML · EPUB
  4. Volume 041951-1952HTML · EPUB
  5. Volume 051952-1953HTML · EPUB
  6. Volume 061954HTML · EPUB
  7. Volume 071955HTML · EPUB
  8. Volume 081956HTML · EPUB
  9. Volume 091957HTML · EPUB
  10. Volume 101957HTML · EPUB
  11. Volume 111958HTML · EPUB
  12. Volume 121959HTML · EPUB
  13. Volume 131960HTML · EPUB
  14. Volume 141961HTML · EPUB
  15. Volume 151962HTML · EPUB
  16. Volume 161963HTML · EPUB
  17. Volume 171964HTML · EPUB
  18. Volume 181965HTML · EPUB
  19. Volume 191966HTML · EPUB
  20. Volume 201967HTML · EPUB
  21. Volume 211968HTML · EPUB
  22. Volume 221969HTML · EPUB
  23. Volume 231970HTML · EPUB
  24. Volume 241971HTML · EPUB
  25. Volume 251972HTML · EPUB
  26. Volume 261973HTML · EPUB
  27. Volume 271974HTML · EPUB
  28. Volume 281975HTML · EPUB
  29. Volume 291976HTML · EPUB
  30. Volume 301977HTML · EPUB
  31. Volume 311978HTML · EPUB
  32. Volume 321979HTML · EPUB
  33. Volume 331980HTML · EPUB
  34. Volume 341981HTML · EPUB
  35. Volume 351982HTML · EPUB
  36. Volume 361983HTML · EPUB
  37. Volume 371984HTML · EPUB
  38. Volume 381985HTML · EPUB
  39. Volume 391986HTML · EPUB
  40. Volume 401987HTML · EPUB
  41. Volume 411988HTML · EPUB
  42. Volume 421989HTML · EPUB
  43. Volume 431990HTML · EPUB
  44. Volume 441991HTML · EPUB
  45. Volume 451992HTML · EPUB
  46. Volume 461993HTML · EPUB
  47. Volume 471994HTML · EPUB
  48. Volume 481995HTML · EPUB
  49. Volume 491996HTML · EPUB
  50. Volume 501997HTML · EPUB
  51. Volume 511998HTML · EPUB
  52. Volume 521999HTML · EPUB
  53. Volume 532000HTML · EPUB
  54. Volume 542001HTML
  55. Volume 552002HTML
  56. Volume 562003-04HTML
  57. Volume 572005-06HTML
  58. Volume 582007-08HTML
  59. Volume 592015HTML

Studies in Bibliography and Booklore publishes research results in the field of Jewish bibliography, broadly defined to include all aspects of manuscripts, books, and other publications of Jewish interest.

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